Blogger Tips

Hi all, I am sharing some interesting blogger tips, that I came across while developing my blog. Compared to Linux Programming I am poor in this html coding,  any how I am managing little bit with help of my friends. I collected all this information from various sites, I just made this stuff together here in this bog, so that this would be helpful for up coming blogger.

1) How to Remove NavBar in Blogger Blog.

     When browsing Blogger powered weblogs hosted on domain or custom domain, there is always a NavBar (Navigation Bar or Banner) that appears on top of the blog. The Blogger NavBar contains Search Blog textbox, Flag Blog to notify Blogger about objectionable contents on the blog, Next Blog link to visit another blog randomly, plus links to create blog or sign in to Blogger.
     No many visitors nor bloggers themselves may find it useful though. It’s possible to hide and remove the NavBar with a little CSS hack. The trick will not interfere or mess up with the custom layouts that webmaster has designed, and pretty safe and easy to implement. In fact, if you’re publishing the blogger Blog to own custom domain with FTP or SFTP, it’s possible to turn off NavBar.

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2) How to Refresh the Blog Automatically.

      Here I am showing how to make a blog refresh automatically after a given time out, i felt this necessary when the widget I used in the blog need a periodic refresh. This is a simple trick in adding a piece of code, which goes as follows.

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3) How To Add “Select all” Html Box to Your Blogger Post

      Here I am showing a piece of code so as to add "select all" button. In your blogs usually consists code that you would like to share, in this post I am giving on of the ways in doing it in a simple manner by adding a piece of code.

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4) How To Change Favicon of Blog

      Here iam showing a sequence of steps to change the favicon of blog, we need a Favicon generator and a server to host the generated Favicon. Nothing worry about it...! we have free generators and hosting servers.

Favicon is a small icon(image) displayed at the beginning of the address bar of the browser.It is also called Favourite Icon,Pageicon and urlicon.

The main advantage of creating and using favicon is ,it makes it easy to find your blog or site when someone favourited or bookmarked your site/blog among several other sites. Here in the below image arrow point to favicon.

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5) How To Add Snow Effect On The Blogger Mouse Cursor Area.
      Hi! guys...! here is the cool simple snow effect to your blog mouse cursor area. I found it interesting hen i as google-ing and many snow effects gadget use images to this. but this gadget do not use images to this. so this is very fast. i've tested this effect on internet explorer, mozzilla firefox & many other web browsers. this simple non-image based widget works just fine....!

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6) How to Add Falling Snow Effect to Blogger Blog. 

     Guys....! This is a simple technique to add the falling snow effect to your blog, here in the code you make the changes to color for the snow to look like, click the link to view the post.
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7) How to Add Google Analytics to Your Blogger Blog.

      Google Analytics is one of the best tools that you can use to track information about the way visitors come to your blog. Here is the procedure....!

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8) How to add Scrolling text-marquee-html code for Blogger.

Hai..! I am explaining how to add Scrolling text(also called as marquee)to your blog sidebars,blog posts,etc...!

This is Another way to attract the visitors is adding some decoration to the site like scrolling text,etc.But,don't decorate it too much,particularly if your site contains too much text as it irritates and spoils the concentration of the reader.You can add scroll bars to tell your visitors what will be your next updates,popular posts,advertisements,etc.

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9) Hyperlink Open in new window or tab.

Hi ...! generally in your blog you may be providing some links and if the visitor of your blog clicks that then he will jump to that page and may not come back to your blog, then its very important that what ever the links you provide in your blog, clicking them should open in new tab or window. This post explains how to do that....!

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10) Adding syntax highlighter to Blogger Blog.

In this post I am explaining the procedure in adding syntax highlighter to your blog as you may provide few code snippets in your blog.
finally I come across an awesome syntax highlighter that i think will work well for most any application and it works well on Blogger Hosting which is even better. It uses a flash swf to do a click to copy button and has support for a variety of languages as well as a bunch of themes.

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