Saturday, February 19, 2011

How To Add “Select all” Html Box to Your Blogger Post

Hai...! your blogs usually consists code that you would like to share, in this post I am giving on of the ways in doing it in a simple manner by adding a piece of code. 

You first add below code to your blogger post.

<form name="MyTextBoxForm"> <input name="button" onclick="javascript:this.form.MyTextBox.focus();;" type="button" value="Select All" /><br /> <textarea cols="80" name="MyTextBox" rows="12" wrap="off">Your Contents Here</textarea></form>

Note: Replace Your Contents Here with your text or tutorial codes,


"Hey click this button so that code in the below window gets selected and "Ctrl+c" and "Ctrl+v" in your blog temp-let.

Now you are done.

Have a good time.

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