Friday, February 25, 2011

How to add Favicon to Blogger Blog

Favicon is a small icon(image) displayed at the beginning of the address bar of the browser.It is also called Favourite Icon,Pageicon and urlicon.

The main advantage of creating and using favicon is ,it makes it easy to find your blog or site when someone favourited or bookmarked your site/blog among several other sites. Here in the below image arrow point to favicon.

Most of the people use 16*16 pixel favicon(you can also use 32*32 pixel favicon) with ".ico" format.But,you can also use gif,png(image formats) as well.

Step1: First you need to generate the favicon, that is ".ioc" file by using a favicon generator tool, it is simple in 3 steps.

Step2: The generated favicon should be hosted by some servers, there are many servers available for free hosting. below i have provided link for a generator and hosting site.

Step3: The generated HTML code has to be pasted in blog templet to display your personal favicon.

Step4: Now,go to your blogger dashboard>layout>Edit html [look at the below screenshots]

and look for this code(it is at the top the template)



Step5: Add the HTML code generated (that is link that looks like below) between the above two lines.

Step6: Save the templet....! thats it, you are Done.

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