Hai all...! :-), thanks for visiting my blog. Myself as a beginner in Linux took ample time in understanding concepts and even resources were few on internet regarding Drivers development in Linux.Here I am going to share some concepts of Linux kernel Programming.I started posting concepts from application point of view and soon i will dive into drivers concepts, this would take some time for me.I have provided links for downloading books that would help you in Linux.

Along with Education stuff I am carrying some pages related to "Cricket",  "Blogger Tips", "Blogger widgets" and lotssss....!
I expect the readers of this blog have basic knowledge of Linux environment and C language programming.

I suggest readers to go through the book "Beginning Linux Programming 4th Edition"(application point of view).

In this blog I am posting some important topics at application level so as to have a clear understanding of how Linux kernel developed and i suggest readers to go through the book "Linux Kernel Development 3rd Edition" to gain good grip on kernel internals.

Ultimate intention is for Device Driver Development in Linux and i will post related topics soon, and I suggest readers to go through the book "Linux Device Drivers 3rd Edition".

For Kernel Documentation information go through this link below.